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"3 weeks after starting the Revage treatments my hair stopped falling out." SS, Tillson

"I started my Revage laser treatment 3 months ago. The hair stopped falling out in the first month, and now I'm seeing a lot of new growth in my hairline."  TR, Highland

At the Highland Hair Loss Center we are at the forefront in the fight against hair loss. We are the first practice in the Hudson Valley to offer the Revage 670 medical laser for stopping hair loss and improving the quantity and quality of hair in our patients. Studies have shown close to 100% effectiveness at stopping hair loss and over 60% effectiveness in regrowing hair. 

Are You Losing Your Hair?

FDA Approved
Medically Proven
Low Level Laser Hair Restoration has arrived in the Hudson Valley

Essence MediSpa continues to bring cutting edge technology to the Hudson Valley. We are proud to be the first medical practice to offer this highly effective medical treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. Men and women of any age who are losing hair now have an effective treatment option. 

The FDA has approved the technology in hair restoration lasers for safely stimulating failing hair follicles. Over a period of several months patients see large improvements in hair loss and hair regrowth. This is the same laser technology that recently has achieved widespread notice on television shows like "The Doctor" and "The View." Click here to see the Revage 670 on "The Doctors."

Hair restoration lasers are not a quick fix for baldness. They will not grow new hair on a shiny bald head. They will however make a big difference in people whose hair is thinning and want it to stop. The process is slow and steady, treatments are twice per week for 3 months, then decrease in frequency over the year. Like going to a gym, maintenance is required, and as long as there are regular treatments the hair will continue to thrive. 

Treatments are painless, relaxing, and last 20 minutes during which time our clients can read or watch DVDs. 

The cost:

12 month treatment package……...$2400.00 (Includes two treatments per week for first three months, and one treatment per week for the second 3 months, one treatment every other week for 3  months, and one treatment per month for the remainder of the year. 45 treatments. Plus 2 months physician grade hair products.

After the first year most clients will maintain their results with regular treatments. Cost of yearly maintenance program….$300-500.00.

Our prices are approximately 30% less than national average for these treatments.

We also offer highly effective prescription medications and other products to reverse thinning hair in men and women. Insurance plans will cover the initial evaluation, so please email us or call 845-691-3773 to speak with Dr. Weinman. 

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